Volcam679 was the enemy of WIkia War I, and Wikia War II. He had two alter egos, StevenJP915 (which he used during Wikia War I), and nickelodeonlyric1 (which he used before Wikia War II). During Wikia War I (as StevenJP915), he visited several other Wikis and told there users to go curse out the users on Brickipedia. Users from these wikis visited Brickipedia and teamed up with them to stop him. Later at the Thomas the Tank Engine Wikia, he was banned and reported by a chat mod. Later in July 2012, He gathered an army of users from the Party on the Chat Wiki (users included Iamapotato:o), Matthew1231, and Pinkielover123) and visited the Victorious Wiki and started Wikia War II. It went on until he was reported by Bat Forever. His account was inactive for a month after that.