Wikia War I was an event that took place sometime in April 2012 on Brickipedia and some other wikis. Back in March 2012, a user named Volcam679 was being annoying and kind of a troll. He later dropped the f-bomb and was kicked by skdhjf He came back a week later and began to troll and was kicked again. He then went back on the chat with one of his extra accounts, StevenJP915. He stalled them for about a week until Volcams ban was lifted. He then uses double computers so Volcam and Steven could be on the same chat. Steven was kicked for 2 days for being a troll. Volcam then used the Steven account to go to other wikis. On other wiki chats, he left a link to brickipedia chat telling them to curse them out. Everyone disagreed, but some visited brikcipieda to help them stop Steven. They later managed to stop Steven at the Thomas the Tank Engine Wikia. A few days later, Volcam came back and was being accused of being a sockpuppet. He was then banned permanently. He then used the Steven account to go to brickipedia. Using the Steven account, he claimed that everything he did was just an April Fools joke. He was then kicked, finally defeated. Later on his talk page, Volcam revealed that Steven was his extra account and that he was leaving forever.

Wikis that were involvedEdit


Thomas the Tank Engine Wikia

iCarly Wiki

Victorious Wiki

Star Wars Wiki

Users that were involvedEdit