Wikia War II was an event that took place sometime in July 2012. It was held mainly on the Victorious Wiki. Volcam679 had been using an account called nickelodeonlyric1 before the war to talk to Brickipedia users. Volcam had also left messages on his account asking to be unblocked. They refused and he later found the Party on the Chat wiki. Where he met Iamapotato:o), Matthew1231, and Pinkielover123. He and his army of trolls went to the Victorious Wiki. He had left the link for the Victorious Wiki on Brickipedia and the Call of Duty wiki. WSome Brickipedians joined the chat. Including CM4S and Awesomeknight1234. The war went on for about a half hour before Bat Forever joined the chat and reported Volcam, ending the war.

Wikis that were involvedEdit


Victorious Wiki

Call of Duty Wiki

Users that were involvedEdit